Urban Window Gardens

In urban spaces there is often little or no room for growing herbs, salad greens or other small plants. The French design firm Barreau & Charbonnet have found a solution to this problem with their Volet végétal, a hanging urban garden. They have reinvisioned the vertical garden and made it horizontal so it can collect more sunlight during the day.

Users have just to plug the structure on the outside of their windows. Horizontal position to enlarge a green view on the city land by trying to go further from the facade of the building and get more ornamental stand for plant. Vertical to create a shutter of light, a filter for green air and also for an easy garden upkeeping.

The video above gives you the basic plan to make one for yourself. Build the rectangular frame and the inner frames from lumber, attach the mini frames to the main frame with nuts and bolts that allow it to pivot, attach the main frame to a sturdy pipe that allows the frame to swivel, and attach sturdy ropes or chains to the top of the frame and to hook eyelets that allow you to utilize the pulley to change the from from vertical to horizontal and back.

This is a very nice idea that isn’t hard to build and would work well as long as your windows open to the inside.