Things of Interest 03

iOS 10 The MacStories Review

If you want to know everything about iOS 10, the latest operating system for the iPhone and iPad from Apple, or just want a reference; look no further than Viticci's review of iOS 10, it's amazing.


The low power mode of iOS, introduced in iOS 9 in 2015, is an amazing way to extend the battery life of your iOS device by a couple of hours without killing the experience and usability. Endurance does the exact same thing, but then for your MacBook.

The Journal by Kevin Rose

A podcast about the interests of Kevin Rose which mostly focus on productivity. Also, subscribe to his newsletter.


If you use Overcast on your iPhone, but also want to use it on the Mac then you have no choice but to use the web-app. PodcastMenu places the overcast web-app in a menubar item and integrates with the system a tiny bit. It's nice to have.