The Travel Pack

I use my iPhone, I do almost everything on it, not because it's the best for everything, but because I always have it with me. I can write briefs, make an offer, change my website on the fly, keep track of my hours and manage my projects; all while not caring where I am. Except when that nasty '20% battery remaining'-screen pops up and destroys the dream.

When at home, I would just plug it in and not worry about it; but that's the problem, I'm not always at home& So I made a Travel Pack to make sure I always have a charger and a battery pack with me, for all the devices I use.

the travel pack

It's a small bag (5.9 x 5.9 x 1.6 inches) which I can grab at any time and contains every cable and adapter I will need. It's perfect for short trips or vacations. I never have to worry about being able to charge my devices.

So, what's in it?

the travel pack contents

That's it; nice, simple and just enough.