Rest well

Are you tired after a relaxing weekend? Do you have trouble waking up each and every morning? Do you feel exhausted on Wednesday and get crippled by the mere thought of having to work two more days? Well... You're probably resting the wrong way.

We work, get home, eat dinner, sit on the couch scrolling on our phones while Netflix is running some show in the background. On the weekends we go to bed late, sleep in, sit on the couch, scroll some more while not paying attention to a show you can't even remember what it's about. And then Monday rolls around and you're tired.

Spending our time being idle doesn't recharge our minds, we aren't resting, instead we are draining our mind by continuously changing inputs from one thing to the next. Our mind needs to focus to recharge.

We suffer from urgency addiction and are mentally exhausted because of it. Our jobs can be described as: rushing from request to request, phone call to phone call, email to email, and doing pointless things because somebody had an idea. We do all this while not moving and are physically exhausted at the end of the day.

How humans work has changed. How we rest hasn't.

So. If you're always tired, the solution is not to rest more, you don't need more time off, but you need to rest better.
You can do this by:

At first, your brain will resist, it will try to do anything else just to have something new to do, but you've got to persevere. You will feel better. You will be more rested.

ps.: You will probably have felt your mind wanting to skim this article, always searching for something new, not wanting to finish the paragraph. This is what we call: Urgency Addiction.