Replacing Everpix Partially

Everpix promise was a beatiful one; having access to all of your photographic memories wherever you are, wherever they’re from. But yesterday they announced their shutdown. Which is a sad thing for those who fell in love with it; and I certainly did.

I’m happy that I stuck with archiving my photos myself using this awesome combination of Hazel rules and Dropbox which Federico Viticci created. Which means that I don’t have to start all over again, but can continue to use it as I did before Everpix.

But yes, of course I’m spoiled now. I want to have access to all of my photos all of the time. So I did a bit of research and found some alternatives, but none of them really could replace Everpix in pricing or features.

Then I remembered iCloud Photo streams; which at first doesn’t seem all that useful, until you dig deep. So here is the iCloud Photo stream documentation, which basically says that I can make 100 Photo streams which I share with myself. Each of those Photo streams can have up to 5000 photos; which will be plenty for my needs. So now I have a free Apple friendly solution for having access to all of my photos everywhere.

Here’s how you do it:
Open iPhoto on your Mac and make sure you’re logged in to iCloud. Then import all of your photos into iPhoto, unless this is where you keep you’re photos of course; no need for duplicates. Then select all of the photos of a particular year and click the “share”-button and select iCloud. Now you can enter the name of you’re photo stream (I choose the year the photos where taken) and leave the email field empty. [1]

Now you just need to click the “share”-button. You can then do this with all of your photos, and you’ll end up with one photo stream per year.

Be patient however, as iCloud photo streams are limited to uploading a 1.000 photos an hour, 10.000 per day and 25.000 per month. So if you really want a particular year to be on your iPhone now, then make sure you do that year first.

You can now go to the photos app on your iPhone and/or iPad and all of your photos will be there; for free.