Next Year

It's this time of year when we reflect upon the past. What have we accomplished, which big things happened, what didn't we do? Those are questions that start going through our minds.

Some years we have great answers, but other years our answers are lacking. We feel that we could have accomplished so much more, but for some reason didn't. So we say to ourselves: Next year...!

There are things you want to do, things you want to experience, and things you want to stop doing. They are floating in your mind, bouncing around in that squishy grey and white matter of yours. It's time to write them down.

With this list in your hands, go and talk to your spouse or a good friend. Tell them about the things you want and the things you don't want anymore, make them real by putting them out there.

Ask them the same questions, what do you want to do or experience and what do you want to stop doing? Maybe you have some overlap, but probably you can help them achieve their wishes (as they can help you).

Get out your calendar and pick a date. Make an appointment with yourself, and set that deadline (and share it with your spouse or friend). If you want to travel, figure out the rough costs and start putting money towards it, every month a little bit.

By talking to somebody about your goals and planning them out together, the things you want, the things you wish, and the things you dislike, they are known and have become real. And when the day approaches you've set together, your somebody will remind you, ask you if you've achieved it, expecting you did.

Now, go and talk to somebody.