Everything Is Wonderful

or at least, that's what they want you to believe.

People inherently lie. Yes, they do. And why? Because we want to seem successful, we want to be liked and the universe revolves around us and no one else. The fake smiles we give are all there just to make us feel better, seem better. But we hide a lot, or at least we don't show it.

We only share the good parts of life and a place like Facebook only makes this worse. It's built so that you only share the most wonderful and fantastic things in your life, and only see the bestthings in other peoples lives. Because everybody loves likes and nobody loves dislikes; but where are my sympathies, loves or hugs? Aren't they needed? Aren't they essential for a normal and not screwed up life?

We lie about 99% of our lives, we pretend it doesn't exist. It's only a sliver of the real story. Nobody shares the bad stuff or the mundane times; the things that make us who we are. And why?Because we want to feel better, seem better. Even if it hurts other people.

Not everyday, and not everyone, is a happy one. Most days are mundane, some are sad and just a few are great. Only according to the social feed, everyday is great. But when you read these stories about a wonderful life somebody is living, do you get happy? Do you feel joy? Probably not. Yes, you may click the like button, but you probably feel nothing or sadness.

The lies about wonderful and fantastic lives cause pain. It makes a great day seem good, a good day mundane, a mundane day bad and don't get me started on a bad day. Because if everything is wonderful, but if you don't feel wonderful, what does this say about you? Does this make you a failure (answer: of course not) or just a normal person (answer: yes, just like everyone else)?

We aren't just heading in the wrong direction. We are already on a collision course.[01] Happiness (whatever that means) and Likes seem to be the norm; the things that count. Shouldn't it be being content with life? And being a whole and rounded person? A person who knows what joy is, but also what sadness means? Somebody who can express and feel a range of emotions and not just happy happy happy happy?[02]

Everything is wonderful, 'till it ain't.

[01]: Black Mirror: Nosedive
[02]: If you don't know, please go and watch Inside Out