Email is one of the most used forms of communications. Wether it is for keeping up with friends, or sending somebody a file, or resetting your password, we all use email. But most of us have hundreds (maybe thousands) of unread emails, waiting for us in our inboxes.

So how do you get through your email and make sure you don't miss anything important (and don't go insane doing it)? Well you start by only checking your email once or twice a day, not every 15 minutes, not every hour, but once or twice a day.

Once your there, and start processing your email, you should:

1. Look at the email and decide Are you going to reply immediately? Yes, then reply immediatly. No, step 2.

2. Are you going to reply to the email at some point? Yes, flag/mark and archive. No, delete.

3. Once your inbox is empty, and you're in the mood for replying, you go to your flagged messages and reply to them.

That's it. Two steps to get your email under control.

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